FC Creatives help tell the story of what God is doing at Faith Church!

Creative Night is a monthly gathering with all of the creative teams (photography, video, social media, graphic arts, music, singing, and writing) of our church. On these nights we gather together for 15 minutes of vision about what we have coming up and discuss what our plan is as an entire team. We then breakout into individual teams for training, creative sessions, and scheduling.

Be sure to check the events tab on our app to find out when the next Creative Night will be.

Worship Band

We are always looking for experienced players to help lead the congregation in worship. The band is made up of all age ranges wanting to play with excellence. The band does require an audition with the Worship Pastor and placement will be based on your skill level, attitude, and openness to serve. 


Our Production Team ensures every event and weekend services within all of our environments runs smoothly and efficiently. This team includes sound, lights, media, and cameras.


Our Photography Team captures every event and weekend service at FC. They are a crucial part to help tell the story of what God is doing through our FC Family.

Social Media

Our Social Media Team writes out our captions and selects the pictures for all of our platforms. They're helping tell the story of what God is doing through our FC Family.

Graphics and Video

Our Graphics and Video Team create all the screen elements for our events and weekend services at FC. Whether its series art, an event logo, or a story video, they help carry the heart of our church in reaching people, building lives, and fighting for family.