Our Lead Pastor

Josh Cossey, and his wife Tiffany, planted Faith Church, along with 7 people, in their living room in the Fall of 2010. Josh was born and raised in Norman, OK and Tiffany is a pastor's kid from the midwest. They met and graduated from Valor Christian College in Columbus, OH and were married after graduation. They have served together in ministry as Youth Pastors and Worship Pastors for 15 years and are passionate about seeing families grow strong in a place that is pursuing God's presence. Josh always reminds Faith Church that "We didn't name it doubt church." and, in the same way that they started Faith Church, God is calling each of us to pray bold prayers and live with great reliance upon God's grace.


  • FC Hinton Campus Pastor


    Mark Lumpkin, and his wife Brianna, have served our Faith Church Hinton Campus since it's launch in the Fall of 2013. They have grown up in and have lived in western Oklahoma their entire lives. They have a passion to see the people of this region find Christ and discover true Spiritual Family. Mark shares God's Word every Sunday with our Hinton Campus and shepherds this community through the vision of Faith Church. They reside in Hinton with their four children.

Our Story

What you are about to read is a radically concise version of an amazing story of grace. Faith Church began with 7 people in Josh and Tiffany's living room in the Fall of 2010. We launched weekly services in January of 2011 inside the cafe-gym-autorium of James L. Dennis Elementary School with around 50 people each week. Our OKC community met in John Marshall High School for one year before moving into it's first permanent home in 2013. Not long after Pastors Mark and Brianna Lumpkin, who had been vital in the launching of the OKC campus, began a small group in their home that is now our Hinton Campus. 

In 2016 our OKC campus purchased and began renovations on it's current location and our Hinton campus was given a 3 million dollar warehouse that will be built out in summer of 2017. Faith Church now meets in two locations across the state of Oklahoma and still strives to do what we did every week inside our first elementary school; reach people, build lives, and fight for family!

Our Vision

Reaching People. Building Lives.

Our Values

  • Faith in Jesus

    Faith pleases God and is the entry point to finding life in Christ. Often you will hear, “We didn’t name it doubt church!”.  We truly believe that through God all things are possible and we want to live out a culture where we encourage one another to take big steps of faith in our everyday lives!

  • Spiritual Family

    The Bible makes it clear that God builds through family – both natural and spiritual. God has called all believers to be a part of a healthy spiritual family. Relationships are the currency of God’s Kingdom; this is where we find real value in life. Our church is a family that fights for families. Spiritual family calls us away from mere church membership to deep heart-felt belonging - a belonging to something greater than ourselves.

  • Worship

    Worship is both a lifestyle and a gathering at FC. Our weekly gatherings are essential to the Christ-centered life by giving the opportunity to encounter God with the momentum of our congregation and to spark relationships that grow throughout the week. We serve passionately on Sundays because we know that each service someone is going to be giving God one last chance, which could be their “that” day.

  • Scriptural Passion

    We are driven to know Jesus through scripture. We boldly preach from scripture to every age group. As a family we read God’s Word together daily through S.O.A.P..

  • Generosity

    We value the biblical principle of giving our first fruits to God. We believe generosity transforms our lives as Christ followers. Through giving we affirm our commitment to the ongoing purpose of Faith Church: helping people discover the Christ-centered life!  As we continue to generously give with our time, talent, and our resources, we believe we'll experience the joy of seeing God transform lives. As a church we are honest, transparent, and accountable in our financial stewardship and strive to lead in the call to live generously.

Our Beliefs

The word Theology simply means to “study about God”. Our hope is that each believer desires to do this with passion. We affirm these doctrines in our church, not to bring division, but clarity to what each Christian should believe and search out for themselves. We also affirm that every line of scripture radically points to Jesus Christ and His work in our lives, this should be the filter in which all scripture is read and studied.

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